The next generation of cultural spaces

The Next Generation of Cultural Spaces (NGOCS) is a project by the Tresor Foundation, United We Stream, Space of Urgency, Act4culture (CCIU Georgia) and Basis Vinschgau Venosta. It runs throughout the year 2022 and is supported by the European Cultural Foundation.

The next generation of cultural space - Tiblissi international symposium

Our Vision

NGOCS reimagines the usage of historical spaces, reviving them through cultural activities to create safe spaces where non-dominant youth culture, queer communities and other marginalised groups in Eastern & Southern Europe can thrive.

BASIS conference

24.September 2022

Community calls

Organised by Space of Urgency, the community calls are online meetups with members of independent cultural spaces. Through the calls NGOCS aims to ignite a robust, translocal artivist alliance between Berlin, Tbilisi, South Tyrol, Sarajevo and other spaces and communities from Southern and Eastern Europe. 

This alliance will support the exchange of knowledge and tools to increase self-reliance of cultural spaces in times of crisis. The community calls contribute to a how-to guide on obtaining and managing independent, political cultural spaces in Southern & Eastern Europe.

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Next generation of cultural space

  • Distill which are the strategies that foster real collaboration in cultural space self-organisation. This means leveraging existing structures, policies and practices when they are helpful and working around them when they get in the way.

  • Identify the stakeholders who should join and advocate for solutions to  reach beyond the “choir”, and deeply understand the values, needs, and drives of other partners including community-based advocates, development organizations, independent businesses and neighborhood representatives.

  • Create a mock-up strategy for collaborating with local municipalities, based on existing experience and powerful stories - focus on an action plan that fosters real participation of government actors.

We combine this into a living document will hold culture-specific, transferable know-how that can apply to regions (Poland, Hungary, Romania, Greece or Ukraine) facing similar hardships whether economic austerity or extremist intolerance.


Frei(T)räume/ Envisioning Free Space CONFERENCE


The Frei(T)räume / Envisioning Free Space conference offers the opportunity to address a city’s most pressing subjects, such as the shortage of affordable artist spaces, the need for truly participative urban development and the need for community resilience. Overcoming these hurdles can only be done by strengthening the collaboration between social-cultural initiatives, political agents, municipal departments and urban changemakers on a horizontal level, and by leveraging new developments into workable concepts. The conference functions as a framework, uniting the actors through joint curation, creating a new basis for trust and collaboration.

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